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Church of Saint Kirikos and Ioulitis

The old church of Saint Kirikos and Ioulitis is a beautiful ecclesiastic building. It is situated southeastern of the village.

It is a cruciform church with a dome and it is dated back to the 12th century but many interventions have been made, mainly during the late 15th century. There are few wall paintings from the 12th century, but the majority of them are dated in the 15th century. During a restoration, which took place 10 years ago, some wall paintings were found to have the date of their creation.

The church is stone made and it is perfectly restored. It is placed under the surface of the ground, for about 1,5 meters. The yard is relatively big and it has fencing. On the southeast the old wall is preserved but on the northwest there is a baluster. Before the big earthquake of 1954, there was also a big front door (xoporti) with an arch. The bell tower is stone made and it was built in 1950.

Inside the church there are old wall paintings. Some of them have some damage due to humidity. The iconostasis is made of marble and the portable icons that frame it, are dated back in 1919. Above the iconostasis, there is a second and narrower zone of miniatures of the Apostles. The only psalter of the church is simple and wooden. There is no gallery and the church is flat on the inside.

The feast of Saint Kirikos and Ioulitis is on 15th July and it is celebrated with a big feast in the presence of the eparch of Paphos. 

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