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Church of Panagia Theotokos

This church was built during the Byzantine era, in the 11th century, and it was the first of the community. It was a stone made basilica and it can accommodate up to 500 people. It is situated on the northeast of the village. Nowadays only the remnants of the old church rest, as the church has collapsed after a big earthquake. The only part of it that remained untouched is the Temple and it indicates that there were some wall paintings in the church. One of the wall paintings found it the Temple, depicts the Crucified Christ when he was carried away from the Cross- with the help of a stair. The time and the bad weather conditions have caused damage to all the remaining wall paintings but the church is now under the protection of the Department of Antiquities and nobody can make any alterations in the church.

The traditional houses of the village are spread around the church. The inhabitants have constructed a new bell on metallic columns. The bell calls the faithful on Easter Tuesday for the Resurrection service.
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