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The Community Council of Letymbou, within the line of its efforts to upgrade and develop the community, has in the past few years effectuated several infrastructure and beautification projects, which will undoubtedly help in the growth of the community.  

The most important completed projects are the following:

  1. A new drinking water drilling supplies the community with water. This project has resolved the water supply problem of the community.
  2. Replacement of the entire water supply network.
  3. A community park has been created at the village and this includes greenery areas, benches and a playground. The ancient fountain was also transferred at the park where it was gentrified and maintained. Moreover, the old olive mill and the presser were also transferred at the park after being gentrified and maintained.  
  4. Several road widenings have taken place within the community.
  5. All roads within the community have been asphalted.
  6. Agricultural roads have been repaired.
  7. A part of the road leading towards the central drilling of the village has been asphalted.
  8. Renovation of the Community Park
  9. Reshaping of the square where the coffee shops are located.
  10.  Lining of the main road with stone.
  11.  Construction of a new water tank.
  12.  The community buildings, offices and infirmary are under construction.
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